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Honeycomb Global Branding

This branding was created for Honeycomb Global. Honeycomb Global provides a consulting service by providing access to top researchers and experts. By enabling best practices to maximize cluster effects, Honeycomb Global Ltd integrates the real-life experience of business strategy with expertise in the manufacturing and high-technology sectors. Working with Honeycomb Global was a pleasure and the outcome was a fresh, high-end branding that transcribes what Honeycomb stands for. In the words of Dishant Mahendru, CEO, the result was very positive as per words below.

" Even though we were blown away by the initial designs the designer was very accommodating to our small suggestions. Estela was very professional to work with and was determined to identify and develop a brand that was unique to us. I recommend her services to anyone.
Attention is drawn to the fact that copyright of this Project rests with:
(i) Honeycomb Global Ltd
(ii) Estela Maria Janela Gaspar (portfolio purposes only)

This copy of the Project has been supplied on condition that anyone who consults it is bound by copyright.
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